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Our Treatment Services

Detoxification Program

A program that is designed to provide short-term care on a 24-hour-a-day basis to detoxify clients and facilitate access to substance use treatment as indicated by a comprehensive assessment.

Withdrawal Management Program

Our medically monitored withdrawal management program operates around the clock to provide expert care, stabilize intoxicated patients, manage their withdrawal symptoms, and pave the way for access to substance use disorder treatment, as indicated by a comprehensive assessment.

Peer Recovery Support Services

Mentoring and education, advocacy, and nonclinical recovery support provided by a recovery peer.

Coordination of Care

Coordination of Care at our detox facility ensures a seamless and integrated approach to addiction treatment, where medical professionals, counselors, and support staff work collaboratively to tailor recovery plans that address the unique needs of each individual. This holistic strategy optimizes the rehabilitation process, providing continuous support and guidance through every step of the detox journey.

Group and Individual Counseling Sessions

Patients will be provided with individual and group counseling sessions that will implement motivational interviewing techniques, substance use disorders and health education.

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